Airport meets Jaws in Deep Water

Coming Attractions.Darclight Films have announced Deep Water, which sounds like it might be of interest to disaster movie aficionados. According to the synopsis posted on Darclight’s website:

It’s just a routine flight, one that is carrying the world’s most vicious merchant of death  and an assassin who will stop at nothing to ensure his target is eliminated.  Routine, until the plane goes down in the middle of the ocean.  As the downed aircraft takes on water with every passing second, the surviving passengers and crew must face terror beyond reckoning.  Their plane is on the brink of toppling into a bottomless abyss.  Not only will the killers stop at nothing to secure their personal survival, the rapidly disintegrating airplane has been infiltrated…by the deadliest natural born killers on earth.

Sounds like Airport ’77 meets Jaws, or a tweak on sharks-in-a-supermarket thriller Bait (which was, of course, produced by the very same company). And whaddaya know, it turns out the script is being written by Bait scribes Shane Krause and Shayne Armstrong.

Deep Water

Adding this to the Coming Attractions page.


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