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Bad moon rising over the Griffith Observatory in Moonfall.

Moonfall (2022)

With Moonfall, Roland Emmerich has crafted a disaster movie that is pretty much a disaster itself.

Theo James in How It Ends.

How It Ends (2018)

Theo James and Forest Whitaker star in Netflix original How It Ends. It’s like The Road but pointless.

San Andreas (2015)

Earthquake blockbuster San Andreas is enjoyable for the mayhem factor, but totally generic in every other way.

Lauren Lee Smith and Michael Vartan in Ring of Fire.

Ring of Fire (2012)

Terry O’Quinn plays oil tycoon with a supremely annoying environmentalist daughter in this too-long made-for-TV feature.

CAT. 8 (2013)

It’s double trouble time as Matthew Modine has to save the world not once but twice.

Polar Storm (2009)

The cheerleader’s dad saves the world from a catastrophic polar shift in this entertainingly absurd TV movie.

Deep Core (2000)

Watch Star Trek’s Wesley Crusher drown in magma in this low-budget predecessor to The Core.