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Upcoming Disaster Movies

On this page I’ll try my best to keep track of upcoming disaster movies. The list below will be updated as I hear of any changes.

Greenland: Migration
Announced as a sequel to 2020’s Gerard Butler film Greenland, this one might be more post-apocalyptic than a disaster movie, but we will see.
Status:  Pre-production.
Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Starring: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin
Companies: Anton, G Base, Thunder Road Pictures, STXfilms
ETA: n/a

Crossfire Hurricane
Corrupt cops try to steal a fortune in drug money, while a Category 4 hurricane bears down on Miami. Very little info available.
Status: In development
Director: Wayne Kramer
Writer: Robert Fisher
Starring: n/a
Companies: Miles Media Entertainment
ETA: n/a

Tsunami LA a.k.a. #tsunami
A gigantic tsunami hits Los Angeles causing massive destruction unlike anything the city has ever seen.
Status: Pre-production
Director: Scott Mann
Writers: Jonathan Frank, Scott Mann
Starring: Dong-won Gang, Moon Suk
Companies: Tsunami Productions, Hannibal Media
ETA: n/a

Indian tsunami movie – very little info available.
Status: Pre-production
Director & Writer: Madhu Sudhanan
Starring: Spencer Patwal
Companies: Top Angle Productions
ETA: n/a

San Andreas 2
Scheduling challenges and other Hollywood factors seemingly makes this one unlikely to happen.
Status: In development.
Director: Brad Peyton.
Writers: Gavin James/Neil Widener.
Starring: n/a
Companies: Flynn Picture Company/New Line Cinema.
ETA: n/a.

(Last updated 1 May 2023.)