CineTel Films destroy the holidays


Coming Attractions.

CineTel Films are making sure this coming Christmas will be a complete disaster. Shooting has begun on The 12 Disasters of Christmas, starring Eureka’s Ed Quinn and directed by Steven R. Monroe. Here’s the short synopsis available at the moment:

When an ominous dark star appears in the sky on Christmas Eve, massive earthquakes and cataclysmic natural disasters shake the earth! Now a small band of heroes must come together to save the world!

Nothing brings holiday cheer like cataclysmic natural disasters, wouldn’t you agree? The film is slated for a Syfy premiere on December 23rd. Merry Christmas!

And the holiday disaster theme continues in the amazingly titled Independence Daysaster, also from CineTel, which has begun pre-production. No word on cast or crew yet. All we have is a promo poster and this short synopsis:

The 4th of July. America’s day of independence. A day for fireworks, celebrations, parades, and backyard barbecues. But this year, the residents of Moose Ridge are in for a holiday celebration they never expected…

And for our final piece of news this time, another effort from the above-mentioned Steven R. Monroe has entered post-production. End of the World stars Brad Dourif, Greg Grunberg och Neil Grayston and is, of course, headed for Syfy.

It’s the end of the world as we know it! Massive earthquakes violently shake cities and mysterious plasma spheres pummel the earth’s surface. Cries of ‘Armageddon’ echoes across the world as people are beyond terrified. A small group of survivors must equip themselves with everything needed to help them ride this disaster out. It’s the beginning of the end and earth’s only hope may lie in the hands of the most unlikely heroes.

I believe Grunberg and Grayston will play video store clerks, while Dourif is a scientist/sci-fi writer. IMDb calls it a comedy, and while we don’t really do comedy (except of the unintentional kind) here at Disaster Movie World, I figure what the heck.

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