UFO brings us new disaster films

Coming Attractions.In the mood for some ridiculously high-concept (and low-budget) disaster movies featuring superweapons with extraterrestrial origins, amazing new energy sources and rogue black holes? Good for you. A slew of new disaster-themed films are headed your way from UFO International, whose earlier productions include Post Impact, Deep Core and Storm.

Fire Quake
An amazing new form of enriched coal seems to take care of all energy problems, but disaster looms as the accelerant, called Helios, leaks out and causes the tectonic plates of the Earth’s northern hemisphere to start melting. Status: In production. Full synopsis here.

Anti Gravity
A team of scientists experimenting with an  anti-gravity cause the Earth’s gravitational forces to mutate (say what?) which leads to all sorts of mayhem as Rio de Janeiro is sucked into the ground and massive tsunamis wipe out Tokyo. Status: In production. Read more here.

Super Tanker
The US government decides to dump a secret superweapon from the Cold War days in the Marianas Trench. The super tanker transporting it gets into trouble as earthquakes and rogue waves strike. Status: In production. Synopsis here.

[youtube vN_4IgA8Ssk]

2012 – The Crystal Skulls

A black hole enters the solar system and starts wreaking havoc. Mankind builds space arks. However, according to a Mayan prophecy, the power of the crystal skulls might save the Earth. Status: In production. Read groan-inducing synopsis here.

Cold Fusion
A couple of cities are destroyed by some kind of mysterious super weapon. It turns out that a number of doomsday devices, back-engineered from UFO technology, have been planted all around the world by rogue elements within the Russian government. Now it’s up to a couple of hot female agents to save the planet. Status: Completed. Synopsis and cast here.

[youtube 2Yd44Kz8atc]

Quite a bit of over-the-top sci-fi concepts in these films, as you can tell. I generally prefer my disaster movies free from aliens, supernatural powers and terrorists, but a couple of these sound like trashy fun. I’ll just report the facts and let you decide.

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