Yes, it’s another 2012 movie…

Coming Attractions.2012 is the year it all goes to hell, right? At least that’s what the mayans supposedly realized. So I guess the main question now is exactly how it’s going to happen.

The Asylum is certainly trying to cover all bases. After 2012: Supernova and 2012: Doomsday, are you ready for 2012: Ice Age? Of course you are.

All that’s been released so far is a small poster image, but according to production listings at The Film Catalogue, The Asylum have begun pre-production on 2012: Ice Age, which is summed up as:

2012: Ice AgeThe eruption of Mt Fuji — a “Supervolcano” — covers the earth in choking clouds. Humanity hurtles toward extinction as a group of scientists fights to break the grip of the new ice age.

Release is set for 2011.

By the way, The Asylum recently explained why so many of their movie titles begin with numbers. Check out their blog.

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  1. dfrules says:

    The website just updated the plot instead of mount fuji it seems that a volcano in Iceland is causing this doomsday

    Here is what i got

    When a volcanic eruption in Iceland sends a glacier hurtling toward North America, a family struggles to escape the onslaught of the coming ice age.


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