Coming Attractions: Wall of Fire

Wall of Fire, a new disaster movie from Imagination Worldwide, is going into pre-production. Read on for plot details and the incendiary poster.

Wall of Fire tells the story of a firefighter and a geologist (an attractive geologist, not the ordinary boring kind) who team up to stop the catastrophic fires that result as an earthquake causes methane gas to be released into underground tunnels. Yes, methane gas. I just knew it was up to no good.

The state of Nebraska hasn’t had a tremor since 1877–so when a small EARTHQUAKE shakes the countryside it sparks a lot of talk. But what the town folk don’t know is that the earthquake has triggered a far deadlier disaster beneath them…and its heading right for the surface!

Nebraska sits atop an underground lake system called the Ogallala Aquifer—a network of caves and tunnels that provides the residents with their water. The earthquake has caused cracks in the walls of this system and now METHANE GAS–trapped for thousands of years–has begun seeping into the network! Methane is extremely flammable and it now has a direct pipeline to the surface!

A more detailed synopsis, promising WATER CATCHING FIRE, CAVE-INS, PILLARS OF FIRE and other capitalized attractions, is available att Imagination’s website.

No details yet about director, cast or release date.

Imagination Worldwide is, as you may recall, the same company that’s producing the Lou Diamond Phillips film Metal Tornado, which I for one look forward to. They’re also involved (as distributors, I believe) in Arctic Blast. Keep ’em coming!

Wall of Fire

3 Responses

  1. Ninja Dixon says:

    Is there non-attractive geologists in disaster movies? 🙂

  2. Crippa says:

    Haha, good point. 🙂 Guess not…

  3. Happenstance says:

    Well, I knew someone would exploit the San Bruno, CA disaster, but I didn’t think it’d be “Volcano” meets “City on Fire!”…

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