Titanic II trailer online

As previously reported, The Asylum decided to go where no-one else dared and make Titanic II. Yesterday, the “new and improved trailer was released online. Enjoy:


The movie will be released on dvd August 24.

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  1. john says:

    I am going to hurl!!!

  2. Zorpox says:


  3. Leave it to The Asylum, graduates from the school of W-D-G-A-F (of course, you should KNOW what those call-letters mean). The Asylum’s motto: If It Ain’t Big Enough, We’ll KNOCK It OFF!! (Well, better grab some beer and chips for this one ^_^.)

  4. Joel Burman says:

    Gotta love the setup that someone actually would name a ship of that size Titanic again! Also love that the entire disaster is so similar to the first one but obviously a lot cheeper.

  5. john Gray says:

    I saw 15 minutes of it….

    the “crowd” scenes were absolutely terrible ( 20 people)
    it is even worse than airport 79 the concord

    ( the captain was cute though)

  6. Pladd says:

    Wow! It looks like a movie I have to see and then whine over why I did it. Sort of.

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