Poseidon director dies

I’m a couple of days late to notice this, but Ronald Neame, director of among other things the classic disaster movie The Poseidon Adventure, has died. He was 99 years old. During his career, Neame worked with both Hitchcock and David Lean, and was nominated for three Academy Awards.

Besides The Poseidon Adventure, Neame directed one additional disaster movie: 1979’s Meteor with Sean Connery, Natalie Wood and Karl Malden. Guess it’s about time I got hold of a copy.

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  1. john says:

    Ronald NeamE never rated THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE
    I saw his interview with the BBC and he slated it…. I guess it was Irwin Allens fault as he “butted in” with most of the action sequences….

  2. Ninja Dixon says:

    And now Corey Allen died, the director of Avalanche.

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