Titanic 2. No, really.

It’s been a quiet few weeks here at Disaster Movie World, for which I apologize to any regular readers out there. Been having some other, real-life things on my mind lately, but am now aiming to get back in the saddle with regular updates again.

And why not begin with the news from the hard-working team at The Asylum that principal photography has wrapped on Titanic 2. Yes, the concept finally moves from old joke to actual movie. According to the synopsis on the official site:

On the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, a modern luxury liner christened “Titanic 2,” follows the path of its namesake. But when a tsunami hurls an ice berg into the new ship’s path, the passengers and crew must fight to avoid a similar fate.

Seems like an obvious must-see for a disaster movie fan. Street date is August 24.

(via /Film)


Tomorrow I’ll post a fresh film review. Remember to check in if you’re into blimps and nazis…

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  1. JOHN says:


  2. Serena says:

    Oh wow. And I was offended by the *first* Titanic (the Cameron version) for exploiting a real-life tragedy without even sticking to the facts and refraining from inserting a fictionalized love story.

    And now… a sequel, which is even more disrespectful towards the people who REALLY DIED on the Titanic. Let’s treat their true story like it’s just another action film, ripe for a cheesy sequel! Yay. I still blame James Cameron for trivializing the story in the first place.

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