Lars von Trier does disaster


I didn’t deliver a new disaster movie review this weekend, as I should have. Sorry about that. I’ll get a new one up as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I give you this piece of news: director Lars von Trier has announced his new project, Melancholia, which is described as a psychological-drama-slash-disaster-film.  Variety has what little info there is.

How should we interpret this? I mean, this is the man who turned shaky hand-held footage into an artistic statement through the Dogme manifesto, and who generally eschews all forms of special effects. This is the man who made unorthodox musical Dancer in the Dark, unorthodox drama Dogville and lately the (from what I’ve heard) stomach-churning horror Antichrist. So what to expect when he turns to disaster? I’m pretty sure this won’t be your average genre flick, and maybe the whole ‘disaster’ tag is just symbolic – but we’ll see. Maybe this is the one that will please the people who whine that there won’t be enough credible human drama in 2012?

The image (above) that accompanied the press release is nice, though.

(Via Quiet Earth)

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