2012 preview clip released


Yesterday, Sony released a five minute clip from Roland Emmerich’s upcoming 2012, giving us a taste of what the finished film will be like. This clip features John Cusack, Amanda Peet and their kids fleeing for their lives as California quite literally slides into the ocean.

2012 is already being called “the disaster movie to end disaster movies”, and judging from this sequence, it seems Emmerich really has pulled out all the stops. The destruction reaches absurd levels, and the action is just ridiculous…which is fine with me. I just hope they manage to retain a modicum of storytelling in there, too.

Those of you based in the U.S. can watch the clip over on Fancast.com. The rest of us will have to settle for YouTube.

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  1. john gray says:

    as we brits would say
    bloody hell!!!!!!!!

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