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Yes, folks, the MTV Movies Blog got their hands on the trailer for the upcoming made-for-tv disaster flick Megafault. Click here to take a look.

First impression is Emmerich on a shoestring. If done right, I still think it might be the kind of dumb fun the disaster genre seems to specialize in. However, since this one comes from the same studio that made Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus, I’m not going to get too excited up just yet.

As I reported in an earlier post, the plot sees a seismologist and a miner team up to stop “a massive earthquake that threatens to tear the world in half”. Brittany Murphy and Eriq LaSalle star.

The movie premieres October 10 on SyFy.

2 Responses

  1. Garry B says:

    I am still watching this mega-disaster. And not the earthquake – the movie. This flick sucks to put it mildly.
    Even the special affects fall short.

    The characters in this dud make you root for the earthquake. Come on quake wipe these fools out. The plot is paper thin. We have a continental disaster and the two lead characters are 1) flying to Lexington, KY to save (Lasalle’s) mom. Of course they get there just in time to see her house explode. Then we have the female lead (anorexic looking actress) get ticked off because her family comes first. She certainly wouldn’t get my vote for heroine.

    I am sure the flick will end with all safe and sound (main cast). Of course we won’t worry about the 1,00s likely killed in the cities and areas we have seen go down with the quake.

  2. Crippa says:

    Thanks for the review. Sounds like the Asylum sticks to their usual standard. Am still going to watch it, though… 🙂

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