Stacy Keach and Brad Dourif starring in new disaster films

Coming Attractions.Got wind of a couple of upcoming disaster movies slated for release during 2011. Both are being produced by Bullet Films and I believe they will premiere on SyFy.

Weather Wars, set for release this July according to IMDb, stars Jason London, Stacy Keach, Erin Cahill and Wes Brown. The plot, as detailed by the distributors:

A young scientist revels in his creation of a supercomputer that can stop the effects of climate change and catastrophic weather. When the computer’s artificial intelligence advances, it creates deadly storms to stop the military from controlling it or shutting it down. It’s up to the scientist to outsmart his own creation, survive the disasters and save the planet from devastation.

Something tells me he just might succeed…

The equally alliterated Miami Magma stars Brad Dourif, Rachel Hunter and Melissa Ordway.

A series of large volcanic eruptions around the globe causes panic and chaos. Only a fringe scientist with a strange theory and knowledge of the planet’s core holds the answers that will stop Armageddon…but can he convince the world to believe him in time?

I don’t know – can he? We’ll have to wait until this fall to find out.

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