R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen in The Poseidon Adventure.Sad news this Monday: actor Leslie Nielsen has died from complications from pneumonia. He was 84 years old.

Nielsen, whose career spanned 60 years, will perhaps be remembered by most as the star of a string of popular comedies, including the Naked Gun series, but also featured in, among other things, the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet.

Disaster film fans will remember his roles in  handful of disaster movies — first among them The Poseidon Adventure, where Nielsen played the ship’s captain. He also appeared as the mayor in 1979’s City on Fire, as a scientist in 1983 TV movie Cave In!, and had a part in yet another Irwin Allen TV film that same year, The Night the Bridge Fell Down.

And of course, Nielsen starred in the disaster film spoof Airplane!, which in my humble opinion is a true classic in the comedy genre.

Here’s Nielsen’s resumé at IMDb.

R.I.P. Leslie.

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