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Volcano (1997) 3

Volcano (1997)

Preceded by Dante’s Peak, Volcano was “the other” volcano movie of 1997. It is by far the dumbest of the two. It is also, by far, the most entertaining. Volcano serves up loads of quite good looking lava porn at a brisk pace, turning downtown L.A. into a flaming hell.

Coming attractions: Megafault 0

Coming attractions: Megafault

Kind of old-ish news, but principal photography is reported to have wrapped earlier this summer on Megafault, which is scheduled to premiere on Syfy this fall, with a DVD release to follow shortly after that.

Trailer: Haeundae 0

Trailer: Haeundae

In the mood for a disaster flick not made in Hollywood? Check out the trailer for Haeundae, a South Korean contribution to the genre, billed as the nation’s first big budget disaster movie. Yay!

Fun Stuff: It’s a disaster!!! 3

Fun Stuff: It’s a disaster!!!

I just have to share this wonderful remix of the 2012 trailer, that I found via Screenrant (and which was originally posted on io9). And I gotta say, as ironical as it is, it’s actually better than the real one.

Dante’s Peak (1997) 4

Dante’s Peak (1997)

In the late 90’s disaster movies seemed to come in pairs (see Armageddon/Deep Impact), and so 1997 brought us not one but two volcano movies. Dante’s Peak was the first one to hit theaters.