Burt Reynolds fights the perfect storm in Category 5

Burt Reynolds in Category 5.

Burt Reynolds in Category 5.


Coming Attractions.

I’ve managed to miss that this one was in the works, but none other than Burt Reynolds headlines Category 5 along with C. Thomas Howell, Lisa Sheridan and Chelsea Kane.

The short synopsis that’s available informs us that

a series of disastrous geological coincidences occur creating a perfect storm scenario and forming the largest hurricane in human history. One family is derailed by a series of interconnected events while trying to survive the storm.

Head over to distributor Starz Media to check out the trailer, featuring tornado stock footage, lots of human drama and a somewhat frail looking Burt Reynolds as a gun-toting old codger who’s “not leaving this house”.

US release date April 1, according to IMDb.


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  1. Juanita Goss says:

    I haven’t been able to find this on tv or on DVD. Where can I see it?

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